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BRAND BOXES, from “recipe” to Proprietary System

In my work, I have my own approach that I always use as a Blueprint, or a Formula, for a branding process. At first this was just a recipe, or working pattern, for myself. I have discovered, however, that involving my clients more in this, and teaching them the formula, makes it much easier for them to follow along and learn a lot from what we are doing.

I have always loved to teach people, and thought it was great that the client could take away some valuable learning from working with me, and not just the final visual branded elements and pieces for print and web. My formula is very logical and gives the client much ownership to their own process and final results. I also discovered that many phases in the process can be done mainly by the client themselves and so make the whole thing even more THEIR OWN PROJECT.

So I decided to develop my «recipe» into a Proprietary System; BRAND BOXES!
It so happened that my recipe counted 9 steps, which belonged to each other in groups of 3. Visuals come very easy to me. At once I saw the big BRAND BOX inside my head, that was made up of 3 different rows, each consisting of 3 smaller boxes.
This turned out to be both a map of the process, a way to explain it to others
and at last, A LOGO!

and the 3 BOXES (modules) that go into this row are:
Brand Research, Brand Project Inventory and Brand Map.

The first third of this concept is about the work you have to do before we even start thinking about anything visual. This part is about finding the WORDS that describe your business and your brand in the most accurate way. We will also describe your ideal customer. In BOX 1, the work can be challenging if you are not used to thinking in this way, so hang in there and take your time. If you skip this part, you will not have anything to brand and the value of the whole process will be gone.

and the 3 BOXES that go into this row are:
Logo, Color Palette and Font

This second part of the concept is about the visual, typographical and graphic design part of your branding. We will work with the 3 main visual building blocks and you will learn a lot of design and typographical terms. This basic knowledge will make it easier for you, if you want to try to make something yourself, and it will greatly increase your ability to communicate effectively with designers, because then you will know the language they speak.

and the 3 BRAND BOXES that go into it are:
Website, Social Media and Prints & Presentations

This third part of the system is all about implementing your visual profile everywhere your brand is present. How to transfer your brand to the numerous touch points you’ll need. They all have different possibilities, conditions and challenges.
Now it is all about consistency and connection (correlation) and you will be happy to see how your brand stands up on every surface to become a visual whole, which you will be proud to show off to the market.

The result will be a Collection of Consistent and Compelling Marketing Materials.
This collection is a valuable asset that will make your business visible and irresistible to your ideal clients. It will make your business look professional and trustworthy. Your business will look authentic, unique and be recognized everywhere.
Having a professional visual branding will enhance your Client Attractiveness.

BRAND BOXES boxmodel
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